C++ for Lazy Programmers

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Soubor:C++ for Lazy Programmers
Autor:Will Briggs
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This book helps you learn the C language with a unique method that goes beyond syntax and howto manuals and helps you understand how to be a productive programmer. Perhaps its really engineers who are lazy and it just so happens that in this point in history programmers are the most obvious sort of engineer working the most madly towards a better and brighter future. This book is an introductory programming text that uses humor and fun to make you actually willing to read and eager to do the projects with the popular C language. I wrote this book because.

The Lazy Programmer

eBook - C++ for Lazy Programmers

C is a MUST for students .

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Lazy httpsdeeplearningcourses.com. ―Talaith Bilderback, Hesse
Lazy Dr. ―Ach'Ab Heitmann, Bad Wimpfen
The LazyProgrammer is a data scientist big data engineer and full stack C++ software engineer. ―Agapito Haun, Bavaria

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