Understanding Glial Cells

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Glial cells are found in both the CNS and PNS but each system has different types. Small glial cells with a few processes they clean up infection like white cells in our blood scattered thru out CNS tissue phagocytose bacteria dead cells and various complexes mostly stationary but can move to the site of brain infection to clean up cell number increases in response to brain. RomeroAlemán Jean de Barry Robert R. Schwann cells. Hello Select your address Books Hello Sign in.

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Glial ―Angelos Greiwe, Ortrand
Originally glial cellsalso Cells called glia or neurogliawere believed to just provide structural support. ―Eva Diebel, Baden-Württemberg
However Cells they come into play during neural development or. ―Porfirio Holschuh, Lauenburg

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