Friedrich Kunath

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Autor:Friedrich Kunath , Dave Hickey , Ariana Reines
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Friedrich Kunaths work is permeated with ambiguity. Entitled Twilight the solo show incorporated sculpture painting. Friedrich Kunath was born in Chemnitz Germany in 1974 and lives in Los Angeles. 243.84 x 198.12 x 3.81 cm.

Friedrich Kunath

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Friedrich ―Rio Danz, Heimsheim
Friedrich Kunaths Kunath work has been offered at auction multiple times with realized prices ranging from 375. ―Malin Uden, Bargteheide
Friedrich Kunath uses a wide range of ubiquitous media to explore Kunath themes around the melancholy existential nature of everyday experience. ―Carra Merkl, Borgholzhausen
River Kunath Brown Landscape 2015. ―Mikel Rempel, Brandenburg
Friedrich 90000 excl. ―Sanya Steinbrecher, Bavaria
Friedrich Kunath was born in 1974 in Kunath Chemnitz and grew up in East Berlin. ―Annaliese Nachtigall, Baden-Württemberg
His dreamlike vignettes Friedrich embrace comedy and pathos evoking universal feelings of love hope longing and despair. ―Iris Seefried, Vogtland

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    Friedrich Kunath , Dave Hickey , Ariana Reines