IBM DB2 9 New Features

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Autor:Zikopoulos / Baklarz / Katsnelson
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Written by experienced IBM data server professionals IBM DB2 9 New Features covers the technical details of the major new aspects of DB2 9 alongside realworld business uses syntax examples and insider tips. IBM Arrow is a top Enterprise Computing Solutions provider global leader in education services. New application features. If you do not have Adobe Reader already. Available at Amazon.

Ibm Db2 Features

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It is limited New to four CPU cores 16 GB of RAM a database size of 100 GB and no Enterprise support and fix packs. ―Agnimukha Rolling, Bürstadt
You now can use Toad to DB2 connect and use new features of IBM DB2 LUW 11.5 including external tables. ―Kain Acord, Michelstadt
Note In Part 1 I referred to this IBM toolset by its name as of the DB2 Viper 2 Beta 2 version. ―Andice Lingel, Brandenburg
The Db2 database software includes Features advanced features such as inmemory technology IBM BLU Acceleration advanced management and development tools storage optimization workload management actionable compression and continuous data availability IBM pureScale. ―Ladawna Gressman, Hesse

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