Legal Knowledge and Analogy (eBook)

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Soubor:Legal Knowledge and Analogy (eBook)
Autor: P.J. Nerhot
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The Analogy between Logic and Dialogic of Law Analogy as Legal Reasoning The Hermeneutic Foundation of the Analogical Procedure Milking the Meter On Analogy Universalizability and World Views The Function of Analogy in Law Return to Kant and Wittgenstein Analogy in Legal Science Some Comparative Observations Legal Analogy between Interpretive Arguments and Productive. Subject Philosophy of Language. Lewis Publishing TEXT ID 549f9e68 Online PDF Ebook Epub Library human capacity to recognize the general in the particular on legal reason describes and explains the process of analogical reasoning which is the distinctive feature of legal. Absolute Legal English is written in an accessible style by authors who combine experience in language teaching and legal authority.


eBook - Legal Knowledge and Analogy (eBook)

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then the particular similarity will be (eBook) called analogy. ―Sandalius Wegmann, North Rhine-Westphalia
(eBook) ―Nonie Krage, North Rhine-Westphalia
In this test we provide you the analogies verbally Knowledge as well as logically. ―Abasalo Plageman, Haren
It is by means of this law that we (eBook) can proceed from the known to the unknown and thus widen the circle of our knowledge. ―Nour Roeber, Rhinow
Therefore they have inner meaning with the Legal relation. ―Christoph Kellermann, Saarland
This text Legal refers to the paperback edition. ―Lou Kasselman, Kühlungsborn
Analogy ―Rany Matzek, Fröndenberg

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