My GoPro Hero Camera

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Autor:Jason R. Rich
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Windows 10 Home 64 bits fully uptodate Quik version.945 Quik does not recognize the camera. Hi there Ive just received my Hero 9 and Windows 10 doesnt seem to pick it up. It stops shooting suddenly. My GoPro Hero Camera offers a comprehensive introduction to using the most recently released GoPro Hero camera models including the basic GoPro Hero GoPro Hero3 and the GoPro Hero4.

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Ive posted my detailed GoPro handson comparison of the Osmo Action and the HERO7 Black. ―Lisbeth Dingeldein, Bavaria
Camera ―Lotta Piepmeier, Riesa
My So far weve covered the best GoPro accessories and gear photography tips editing software and much more. ―Johannes Werking, Ludwigsfelde

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